August 2022

Fire Season Book II
Edited by Amory Abbott and Liz Toohey-Weise, 2022

“The Fire Season project brings together a variety of voices in a collective sens-making about wildfires”.

Thank you to the editors for including my work

Ceramic, oil on wood panel, custom cement blocks, hardware.

The image of calcined organic material stems from forest landscapes called “Burns”, land that has been doubly devastated: cut land that then is burned by forest fire. In these vast charred landscapes, littered with “slash” debris, industrial incursions meet the forces and beauty of nature.

My ceramic sculpture work stems from my continued interest in vast Canadian reforestation landscapes, silvicultural sites where mechanical incursions mingle with the strength and beauty of nature, and a constant air of devastation mingles with the possibility of magnificent regeneration. Vibrantly coloured, and generously textured, my sculptures and installations invite us to consider and re-evaluate our relationship with our Canadian forests and Natural environments.