PRÉSENTATRICE INVITÉE D’ATELIER DE FORMATION EN ARTS VISUEL_____BJEC || Bronfman Jewish Education Center, Côte St-Luc, Québec. Le 5 Décembre 2014.

WORKSHOP See myself, Show myself : The power of self-portraiture in Elementary
Explore the potential of self-portraiture at the elementary level as a key to unlocking concentration, acute observation, and personal expression. Veronika will share the “talents” of various art materials by walking through specific art projects from her years of classroom teaching and her shameless use of meaningful hands-on visual art projects in her curriculum.

WORKSHOP Value, Colour, and Form : Visual Art theory through hands-on projects for High School
Tried and true projects that illuminate Value, Colour Theory, and the understanding of Form and Composition in art.  Examples of projects presented will include 2-D to 3-D Bamboo SculpturePlasticine Reproductions via the careful study of painterly Masterpieces , and Self-Portrait Painting incorporating colour theory, colour mixing, and enlargement principles.